The Potential of Blue

Realize Your Potential

The Potential of Blue is about collaborative partnerships that allow us to realize our strengths and weaknesses, ensuring we allocate our key resources appropriately. Our pledge to clients is to share knowledge, aim toward future success, and provide what they need to achieve their full potential.


At Integra, we’ve built our reputation and company on collaborating and advocating for our customers. From long-term care to institutional and closed-door pharmacies, we are obsessed with attaining favorable results. We simply refuse to quit when our customers are faced with obstacles. Instead, we lean in and find solutions.

With our clients’ feedback in mind, we strive for excellence. We actively seek to advance our products and build solutions around their operational needs and the overall marketplace. Because we care about both the accomplishments and challenges of our customers, we are able to help them reach their next level of business performance.



We actively listen to our customers on-going needs and feedback to develop the best purpose-built products. Creating reliable solutions that satisfy not only the needs of today’s pharmacies but can adapt to future technological advancements is our continuous goal. Our clients’ perspectives are important to us and drive our future innovation and commitment to be the leader in pharmacy management software solutions.